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Volumetric Concrete

Admixtures and ancillary products for Volumetric Concrete production.

Oscrete is the only UK admixture manufacturer which produces a dedicated admixture range for Volumetric Concrete, which includes water reducers, plasticers and high performance air entrainers for foamed concrete production.

This is complemented by an extensive range of ancillary products such as equipment protectors, concrete and traffic grime removers and speciality fibre rolls.

Oscrete also offers the Volumetric Concrete producer full technical support  with concrete mix design and admixture guidance.


  • Betacast NCA

    A non-chloride accelerator for concrete, screeds and mortar.

  • Optomix 120

    Normal range water reducer for concrete.

  • Optomix 412

    Liquid water resisting admixture for concrete.

  • Optomix 450

    High range superplasticiser for ready-mixed concrete.

  • Optomix A65

    Specially formulated air entraining agent for ready-mixed concrete.

  • Optomix FC

    Concentrated foaming agent for CLSM and low density foam concrete.

  • Oscreed 893

    High range superplasticiser designed for concrete and screed.

Synthetic Fibres

  • Forta Ferro 54mm

    Macro synthetic fibre designed to replace non-structural steel in concrete.

  • Oscrete 6mm HD

    Designed to control plastic cracking in mortar and sand/cement screeds.

  • Oscrete 12mm HP

    Designed to control plastic shrinkage and settlement crackin in sand/cement screeds.

  • Oscrete Fibre-Roll

    Is an Alkali Resistant continuous multi end glass fibre for use with fibre cutting machines.

Cleaning Products

Mould Oils

  • Osrel Ecofine 1500

    Bio-degradable mould release emulsion for wet cast concrete.

  • Osrel Plus

    Blended mould release agent for both wet and dry cast concrete.

Oscrete Specialities

Fine chemicals for product manufacturers

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